Online baking and discovery course - Hosted by Jeroen
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Dates on request
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Duration: 1.5 Hours
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Min. 5 p. - Max. 15 p.
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Via Tablet, phone or computer
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Ingredient box included p.p.
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Hosted in Dutch or English

Your experience

What did the brothers Van Eyck, when painting the Lambs god, eat? And how did food tasted and changed during the centuries? This and other question will be answered in this interesting online cooking workshop with ingredients and stories from the past and a message for the future.

Preparation of Smakeleycke (tasteful) cookies:

First we're going virtual wild-picking on the famous Lamb God's painting, take an archaeological dive into medieval cesspools and collect the ingredients for a homemade beneficial gingerbread. This according to an experimental, but historical recipe and with a lingering aftertaste for an liveable future.

A package of ancient ingredients and spices will send to each participant.

All the ingredients that have a long shelf life, what was important in the old days, and since the recipe traditionally does not contain dairy, eggs or other animal ingredients, with the exception of honey, the cake would be completely vegan.
This makes the cake surprisingly up-to-date! When the gingerbread is ready we will taste it together, while I take you back to the Van Eyck years. 

How it works

Ask for the availabilities and book a session for your colleagues, friends or family.
The his will need information of the participants: emails + locations where the box needs to be delivered.
Choose your video call options: Zoom, whereby, google meet etc.... After you book, the host will send you a link and details how to join

Meet Jeroen, your host

Professional Chef and verified member of Cookwork
Jeroen, a professional archeologist, has had it with reburial of archaeological stories in dusty depots and boring written reports. That's why he wants to introduce people to the lost story of the daily survival of our ancestors via food experiences. A story that is more topical than ever. 
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Experienced Chef
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Verified professional
By combining his job as an archaeologist with his passion for cooking, he now offers unique food experiences in which taste, smell and feeling are central. In this way he reveals a timeless story about purity, tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability, diversity and sense 

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