Online baking course - Hosted by Julliete
Dates on request
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Min. 5 p. - Max. 15 p.
Via Tablet, phone or computer
Ingredient box included p.p.
Hosted in Dutch or English

Your experience

We're going to make an almond cake together. I'll show you how to cook the most delicious lemon curd yourself. We will finish the cake with a sweet and creamy lemon cream.

A few days before the workshop, you will receive our cake kit by mail worth €22,50. Here you will find the recipes you need, a list of materials you can prepare and some ingredients. Fresh ingredients are not included and you will have to add them yourself. Think of eggs, butter and milk.
We are also going to finish the cake together and in the kit you will also find nice decorative materials like dried fruit and nuts.
Would you like to let go of your creativity? Make sure you have some nice flowers in your house before the workshop starts.
While we work together, we will record the workshop and this video will also be sent to you afterwards.

How it works

Ask for the availabilities and book a session for your colleagues, friends or family.
The his will need information of the participants: emails + locations where the box needs to be delivered.
Choose your video call options: Zoom, whereby, google meet etc.... After you book, the host will send you a link and details how to join

Meet Julliette, your host

Professional Baker and verified member of Cookwork
What if your dream is a sweet one? And you decided to share that dream with others? Then you get "rough pastry", her bakery in Antwerp.
But Julliette's path wasn't originally made of sugar and spices. It's only late she discovered her love for cakes and   
Experienced Baker
Verified professional
cookies.Today she's an experienced baker and she's specialised in all that is sweet. she enjoys baking the most delicious cakes and cookies, but just as much to share her recipes with others. So join her on one of her enthousiastic online classes!

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