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We're food strategists, marketing experts, consultants and matchmakers. 

We have decades of experience in the food, commercial and creative industry, building companies and creating kickass brands. But who's behind it, and what is our story?


Elodie Bouscarat
A hands-on born French foodista.
As a food lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, she co-founded Co-oking in 2014, the first food coworking in Belgium. She developed a community of over 3000 food professionals and helped Co-oking double its turnover year 2 of operations. With her geek profile, Elodie managed the project development of Cookwork MVP and béta platform.  
Elodie is business developer for the french-speaking market. 
Karl Magnus
A true Don Draper with a passion for food
As growth-coach and innovation strategist, Karl help launch & developed hundreds of food and HORECA projects. He founded, a food-incubator, in 2015 where he helps existing food-brands, cities and start-ups to generate and build breakthrough new ideas and concepts. He matches client with the right strategy, target-group and channels for the food and horeca of tomorrow.
Karl is business developer for the Dutch-speaking market.
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Our story started apart but with one focus point: helping food and horeca entrepreneurs grow. Today we join forces and offer a wide variety of expertise

PROEF starts the Food Network Belgium to share ideas

PROEF Joins Generation food to solve future food problems

Co-oking has already a community of 3000 chefs


Elodie & Karl join hands and start Cookwork CVBA, the first kitchen rental platform in Belgium

Elodie Started Co-oking. The first co-working kitchen space in Belgium




Karl started PROEF, a horeca and food incubator


Cookwork grows and transforms to a ecosytem and launches its new platform

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