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Grow your food


How to start a food business ? Build a brand ? Get client ? Be AFSCA-proof ?

Cookwork helps you in all your questions to grow your food business

Why growing with Cookwork ?


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Since 2014, Elodie and Karl have helped more than 100 entrepreneurs grow and start their business. Together they have gathered 12 years of experience, also by being an entrepreneur themselves. They can help you find your own way in the food business.


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We believe in testing, trial and error. This is how we learn. So we engage with you to test your idea as from the start, using digital tools and landing pages. We help you build and test. We support your real tasting with our big network.


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Skip the time to network : we put you in contact with the right persons at the right time : from branding to lab testing, from packaging to food design, building your website, creating your logo, defining your strategy, we provide our expertise and a full network of food professional tailored to your needs.

Susanne / Soupreise

Elodie advices to the point, is full of ideas and strict in getting things done on time. Everytime we work together she opens new horizons. Elodie is very helpful in connecting the right people. It was a pleasure to have her at my side when I started my own business.

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David / The Crowd Cooks

Cookwork helped us reach another big step in our growth by revising our marketing strategy. After having followed their workshop in growth hacking we increased our sales in ready-made mealboxes.


Solange /

Karl is a magnificent coach! He really listens to you, has an abundance of knowledge & is very creative. He is able to provide tools that help you on the spot. He opens your eyes and helps you to change things effectively with fast results.  I can not recommend Cookwork highly enough

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