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The end-of-year trends you don't want to miss!

The end of the year is once again approaching and it looks like we can celebrate in full this year. As such, we have had to celebrate with colleagues and friends for 2 years with the brakes on. So this also has an impact with how we look at the holidays this year.

We are already listing a few clear trends to make it a truly unforgettable event:

  1. An Ollie Jollie Christmas:

Because of what is currently going on internationally, we are massively longing for the holidays "like the old days", and are falling back on traditions en masse. And you can take that quite literally. Red and green tones have the upper hand on the tree, as do classic and playful ornaments. Classic Christmas cards would also make their return. A handmade garland of fresh pine branches and greenery, decorated with pine cones, berries and red candles would give the table the typical Christmas look.

Finally, the menu will be a delicious classic like stuffed turkey with stewed pears and home-made croquettes. We finish off with a traditional Christmas trunk and all this served with a good dash of nostalgia.

In a nutshell:

- Red and green are back

- Handmade garlands

- Classic Christmas cards

- Stuffed turkey, Stewed pears, Cranberry compote and croquettes


  1. Back to nature.

After a summer full of festivals, family celebrations and summer bars, we are back in more need of peace and less stimuli this winter. Natural tones and a general eco-touch stand out in Christmas decorations. Wood browns, various greens, off-white and terracotta are the winners here. We also go the more adventurous route in terms of parties and dare to opt for a winter bbq ourselves, whether or not prompted to save a bit on that electricity bill after all. On the plate you will find a delicious grilled piece of meat or cook yourself a mainly vegetarian meal. Stews are also on the rise, with the pot directly on the bbq. We finish off with hot drinks, like glüwhine or hot coco, around a bonfire, sitting close together and enjoying delicious freshly made cinnamon biscuits.

In a nutshell:

- Natural colours and terracotta tones

- eco and homemade Christmas decorations

- freshly made biscuits!

- Adventurous menu winter bbq: grilled vegetables, all kinds of stews and lots of pure side dishes!


  1. Royal party.

A completely different trend we see is the "3 years in 1" party. Here, we will compensate for 2 missed end-of-year parties with colleagues in 1 lavish party. Nothing is left to coincidence and the price is also a tad less important than other years.

So what can we expect? Well, navy blue and Gold clearly have the upper hand, and you can go pretty far with that. Everything should therefore exude luxury and elegance. Here, gold starlets are a must and candles are used to create a warm cosy atmosphere. Gold paper garlands and eucalyptus branches complete the look on the table!

Since these are 3-in-1 parties, the emphasis here is more on the party. So no seated dinner, but fun cocktails, non-alcoholic or otherwise, champagne instead of cava and lots of amuses.

Think salty macarons filled with pâté, a goat cheese papillot made of filo pastry with caramelised onions or a crispy horn with salmon mousse and salmon eggs. A feast like a king!

In a nutshell:

- Navy blue and gold have the overtones

- Candles, gold garlands and eucalyptus branches finish it off

- Cocktails like apple cinnamon martini (non-alcoholic or otherwise)

- Champagne!

- Only elegant amuses: bisque of lobster, salty macarons, filo pastry pappilot etc....

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